GWF 1.1.0

There’s some modifications to GWF and one addition. It’s not much but it’s still something and needed. I did not really make the fixes for the Framework. They just rather came to be, as I was working on TacDom I noticed some tiny faults and that it was not doing exactly what I wanted. So I fixed them and continued. Later I remembered that I need to add in the fixes to the core of GWF since even though they are tiny, they can be really irritating.

Some changes has been done to the structure of GWF. Changed so that it doesn’t load the page when an instance of ServerProcesser is created. Why you might ask? Well in this way you can modify stuff BEFORE the page actually starts to work. It also gives the opportunity to save the instance of ServerProcesser to an variable. Thus making it possble for instances like of the classes in module Support to access things in the ServerProcesser.

A “bug” in Page was troubling me while I was working with Ajax for TacDom and that was that in set_actions, I wasn’t able to get to the session stored in the DB. Because I had made it so that Request#get_session is called after set_actions. This has been fixed so now you can use sessions there too.

I’ve added a new class called AjaxPage and it’s a normal Page but it doesn’t call Page#template so thus, no template is added. So you can make Ajax Pages! Haha, well having your Ajax Application fetching the template on each request and the data is the opposite of what you want from Ajax so I made an easy way to do this.

I hope you like the new version!


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