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Well Hello! Been very busy these last 2 years. I’ve been working hard to achieve my dreams. Now, many crunch nights of hardship and a lot of rich lectures I am finally working as programmer at Defrost Games. These 2 years of hell hasn’t been for nothing.

I’ve been to Nordic Game Conference twice where I’ve meet awesome people who have inspired me. Among them were Engin Cilasun, Graphics Programmer at Avalanche Studios; Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, Art Directory at Square Enix/Eidos Montreal; Tim Willits, Studio Director at id Software. But best of all were that I got to meet my old heroes from my childhood. Remedy.

It’s been very educational two years and my passion to gaming have never been stronger. I hope I will write some more stuff here. Maybe a serie of articles about developing games in Ruby or why not write something about todays technology used in games.

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