Me, holding a seminar at Skövde University College? Madness I say!

No I actually were lecturing at Skövde University College for their game development program. It’s kind of crazy, the students were mostly in my age range and I stood in front of them lecturing about games. Afterwards I had more of a casual discussion with the students and talked about the book I am writing as lead author for Packt Publishing. I wanted to know what they had problems with and what I could help them with. The book is called SFML Game Development but I covered a lot more topics than just SFML with the students. I also went around in the groups as they were working on their projects and helped them and gave them hints and tips on how to solve the specific problems they had.

I found it extremely enriching and fun to do. Although it was a bit cold for a southern Swede like me to venture that far north.


Quickhull – Convex Hull mesh generation

I’ve written an article that is now available on Defrost Games. It’s about how to generate convex hulls and how I did it for our game Project Temporality.


Working at Defrost Games

For the last couple of months I have been working at the indie game company Defrost Games. Been having a great time and been allowed to do some pretty neat stuff. Been playing around with pretty much everything in the game and the tools. I even got to fix some bugs in the time mechanics. Just recently I got to create straight up from nothing an algorithm that would let the artists place props in the level editor and then the level editor got to cut out the props geometry from the navigation mesh for the character. That was pretty cool, first I had to create everything that was needed in order to cut in the nav mesh that previously was made by artists in Maya. By that point it was using the geometry of the object but that won’t work since they are too highly detailed and it would result in a poor-performance navigation mesh with way too many triangles. So I had to come up with a way to optimize that as well.

Navigation mesh

Red lines are the navigation mesh and the blue represents the cut out area.

Yeah I’ve been having a blast at Defrost Games. I can’t wait till the game is released so I can brag about what I’ve worked on. Even though most of my stuff is not even directly visible. But most often it’s those things that are hard to do and interesting to make.

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