Game projects have been updated yet again

Well just wanted to let know that the game projects have been updated again with more 3D projects and I have reformatted the pages a little to make them easier to read and take information from.

The Space Shooter, Real Time Strategy and the First Person Shooter games have all been uploaded and is now available for download. I hope you enjoy them.


Game Projects updated

Alright my game projects page has been updated. There is still a lot more to add. Like the First Person Shooter and my current project I’m working on but also some more pictures and download links for the games already up.

Have a check and see what I have been part of creating!


First year at The Game Assembly Part 2 – Point & Click

Alright time for the Point & Click adventure. I got so much I want to write here. And I also want to say that after I finished this project I had a new-found respect for all point & click developers. Myst, Riven, Monkey Island, etc. You guys are geniuses! I could never have imagined how much work and love there is behind these games.

Alright so the game, what’s it’s about? Well we named it Moustache Chronicles : The Q-tards Uprising

Moustache Chronicles : The Q-tards Uprising



First year at The Game Assembly Part 2 – Text Adventure!

Alright so I finally got some time to continue writing about my experiences at The Game Assembly.

The first project we worked at in team was our text adventure game which we wrote in the ALAN language. This was my first experience working in a group and to top it off we even had different professions in the group. Sure we are both artisans but two very different kinds. We are programmers and they graphical artists. And the first wall we had to overcome was the clash between us. You could directly notice a difference in personality and workload. It really surprised me, I’ve always viewed myself as lazy, but my first impression was how easy going the artists were. We had strict guidelines to work from 9.00 to 18.00 but most programmers worked way beyond this as we had courses and homework at the same time as we had our project. The artists were the exact opposite and if we wanted something done we had to nag… a lot. It was an interesting experience to say the least.



First year at The Game Assembly Part 1

Well spite my big programming experiences before starting at The Game Assembly I still had a pretty tough year and learned a lot. (more…)

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