Raiders of the Galactic North – TGA Project #5

Raiders of the Galactic North

Fifth project at The Game Assembly. It was developed using PowerHouse, an engine developed by me with no middleware. You can download the game here

Category: Space Shooter

Duration: 8 weeks part time

Group: 5 Programmers, 5 Graphical Artists

My Role: Code Lead, Tech/Graphics Programmer.

  • Project setup
  • DirectX 10/Rendering
    • Shading/Lighting
    • Instancing
    • HDR
    • Bloom
  • Configuration
  • Loading Screen
  • Levels
    • Level change,
  • Optimizations
  • Collision System
  • Launcher

My Part: Code lead, Project setup, DirectX 10/Rendering, Shading/Lighting, Instancing, HDR, Bloom, Levels, Level Change, Optimizations, Collision System, Configuration, Loading Screen and the launcher.

Space Shooter MenuSpace Shooter CreditsSpace Shooter Tutorial LightingSpace Shooter Tutorial TorpedoSpace Shooter Space StationSpace Shooter SkyboxSpace Shooter Viking Ship

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