Sunrise – TGA Project #6


Sixth project at The Game Assembly. It was developed using PowerHouse, an engine developed by me with no middleware. You can download the game here

Category: Real Time Strategy

Duration: 10 weeks part time

Group: 5 Programmers, 5 Graphical Artists

My Role: Code Lead, Tech/Graphics Programmer.

  • Project setup
  • DirectX 10/Rendering
    • Shading/Lighting
    • Instancing
    • HDR
    • Bloom
    • Animations
    • Dynamic Shadows(Shadow buffer, PCSS)
  • Configuration
  • Loading Screen
  • Heightmap
  • Fog of War
  • Day & night system
  • A lot of optimizations
  • Launcher

Sunrise WalkSunrise FightSunrise Night Fight

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