rbSFML is the official ruby bindings for the popular Multimedia library SFML. I am the creator and head developer of rbSFML so I thought it would be fitting with dedicating some content on my blog to the project. I will in the near future produce some tutorials on the usage and also provide tools that can be used in co-junction with rbSFML.


Currently the library is in a release candidate state but since it’s so big there will be a lot of small mistakes I might have missed and will only be able to find these trough frequent usage. I’ve already gotten most of them fixed by having users at the forum report back to me any problems. The library is safe for usage for any bigger project as the public API will not change from how it is now unless Laurent changes something big in the original project. But he shouldn’t since SFML 2.0 is also a release candidate now.


What we have planned so far beyond implementing a binding for SFML in ruby is to also go over to Test Driven Development so that we can on each change verify that the bindings work as expected. We will also provide some small non-intrusive memory management functionality so you can decide when you want to invoke the garbage collector or just simply for debugging utilities.

And of course documentation and tutorials are planned to make it easy to jump into making awesome games in Ruby!

Groogy’s Development Environment

What is it? Well it’s just a little collection of classes that I use in my private projects that is based on rbSFML. It provides several tools that you would otherwise have to implement yourself. The tools it provides are more or less based on making the developer work even more efficient. For instance it removes the need from  the user being forced to exit the application every time he wants to do a change in the source code.


rbSFML Github Page

GDE Github Page


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  • Funcoot

    Your GDE Github Page link is broken. 🙁

    Comment | March 15, 2013
  • Ah sorry about that, since rbSFML was reworked a couple of months ago GDE wasn’t compliant anymore. I’¨ll try to get it up and running as soon as possible again 🙂

    Comment | April 2, 2013
  • nibe49

    Thanks for the info, I couldn’t find the buottn configuration myself. I don’t need the Archive buottn and was quite annoyed when it suddendly became visible after the update and made the Delete buottn smaller. Now it’s gone and I am happy again. It’s nice that K-9 Mail is so flexible.

    Comment | October 16, 2015
  • nibe49

    ive added pinterst myeslf in the code of the plugin if your interested (either of you).ive been trying to workout if i could shortcode it but have just given up.great work by the way

    Comment | October 19, 2015

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