Rubinius support for rbSFML

After I finished the chapter deadline for the publisher I had some free time in the weekend. I spent some of it in making rbSFML compatible with the high performing Ruby implementation Rubinius. Sweet! Sure it required me to do a pull request to the Rubinius repository and do some fixes for them but it is now fully supported.

So if you want to do parallel tasks with rbSFML that should now be fully supported as well since Rubinius doesn’t have a GIL so using native threads there is actually worth it.

I’ve encountered a minor problem with it on Arch Linux. Somehow Rubinius gets it to crash inside Nvidia’s library libGL when the opengl context is being destroyed and I don’t understand why. But well I’ll track it down and fix it as soon as I get time. But it is still usable since the crash happens only when you are exiting the application and as it is destroying the last window created.


Game projects have been updated yet again

Well just wanted to let know that the game projects have been updated again with more 3D projects and I have reformatted the pages a little to make them easier to read and take information from.

The Space Shooter, Real Time Strategy and the First Person Shooter games have all been uploaded and is now available for download. I hope you enjoy them.


GWF 1.1.0

There’s some modifications to GWF and one addition. It’s not much but it’s still something and needed. I did not really make the fixes for the Framework. They just rather came to be, as I was working on TacDom I noticed some tiny faults and that it was not doing exactly what I wanted. So I fixed them and continued. Later I remembered that I need to add in the fixes to the core of GWF since even though they are tiny, they can be really irritating.


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Some minor bugfixes for GWF

While looking around in my source code I saw some errors that has been fixed now. Probably what screw me over before and made Error handling and Redirection not work.

Anyway the fix is now out and placed as version 0.5.1 BETA and can be found on the download page.

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