Rubinius support for rbSFML

After I finished the chapter deadline for the publisher I had some free time in the weekend. I spent some of it in making rbSFML compatible with the high performing Ruby implementation Rubinius. Sweet! Sure it required me to do a pull request to the Rubinius repository and do some fixes for them but it is now fully supported.

So if you want to do parallel tasks with rbSFML that should now be fully supported as well since Rubinius doesn’t have a GIL so using native threads there is actually worth it.

I’ve encountered a minor problem with it on Arch Linux. Somehow Rubinius gets it to crash inside Nvidia’s library libGL when the opengl context is being destroyed and I don’t understand why. But well I’ll track it down and fix it as soon as I get time. But it is still usable since the crash happens only when you are exiting the application and as it is destroying the last window created.


Madness Script 2.0.0

I know I know! I said I was putting down the Madness Script Project but since then I started using it for the Ascension Project. So I got some pretty new and fine toys and various bugs fixed. I will need to remake the entire documentation for the project both in the code and here on this website. At the bottom of this post you can also read all the changes that was made to the mSCRiPT language.

Here’s the source and interpeter: mSCRiPT-2.0.0



Next version will be 1.3.1 for Madness Script

Well for the next version I’m going to focus to refine and improve the standard library. No new features will be added but more focus will be placed to get a common structure which every language need. For instance I haven’t written any support for File IO.

Another thing I might change but I am not sure if I will. I might change so that all standard objects will be DynamicClasses attached to Kernel. So in order to create a new array for instance you write:

array = Kernel.Array.New()

This gives also access to work with static methods on the standard classes and allow you to inherit from them. If I do this change, then I probably won’t lock the classes. Allowing you to change the classes structure.

Here’s a list of what classes which is certain to be implemented

  1. File class
  2. Associative Array class
  3. Time class

I’m also going to implement some new methods for the already in place classes. For instance ScriptObject will receive the method destroy which will delete the object and replace it with a nil value instead.

I’ve decided to implement the change of the standard library where every one of them become dynamic classes instead.


Comments for Support Classes(GWF 0.8.1 BETA)

I found out that I had forgotten to add comments on all the classes. So I added them and also while doing it found small faults that I also corrected. I did also find a big bug that I still don’t know how to correct. DropDownList can’t properly set that this list item is the one that has been chosen.

I hope the problem will be solved as soon as possible.
For now I’ve disabled it so by default a drop down list won’t try to read from the parameters.
I might have to do an entire remake of the DropDownList class.

Anyway it’s available for download here.

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