Game Projects updated

Alright my game projects page has been updated. There is still a lot more to add. Like the First Person Shooter and my current project I’m working on but also some more pictures and download links for the games already up.

Have a check and see what I have been part of creating!


rbSFML Logo

Well thought it would be nice with a logo that could be used in your projects. I had one made for me some long time ago but never put it up on a good place to be available. So here it is


Remember I am very much interested in anything you guys create so let me know. I already know of an old SFML user who will compete in Ludum Dare with the bindings.

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Walk trough the memory with CallStack

Took me one day to complete this. These classes will let you walk trough the call stack with C++ and access local variables or arguments in other functions than the current one. I’m trying to follow the KISS(Keep-It-Simple-Stupid) method so it’s very straightforward to work with. The documentation can be found here. And here’s the GitHub repo.


Ascension – Doxygen documentation site

Well I think I finally understands how GitHub works and how great it really is. I’ve added a github page where I’ve posted my Doxygen documentation of the Ascension project. Should help me alot while working on it as I don’t need to look up on each specific function on what it do but just simply have the documentation on a separate display to reference.

The documentation site is: http://groogy.github.com/Ascension/


Ascension map system draft

Currently I’m working on Ascension’s map system and I’ll be posting the draft for the system here. Mostly for my own convenience.

Right. So what kind of map do I want? What got me interested in this project was RPG Maker VX. The map there is based on a grid, each grid being 32×32 pixels I think. What I want is a more smooth map, with no grid. You could say that the grid has been modified so that one square is 1×1 pixel big. First let’s talk about the terrain and data structure of the map.



Ascension’s Loading Manager

I did something pretty cool today ^^ Well at least I think it’s pretty cool. Also quite simple. A module in Ruby that’s pretty independent and can be used for most applications. It’s called LoadingManager and it will queue things needed by the application and load them in a separate thread for you without you even having to be aware that it is run in another thread.

Here comes an example with it using Rubygame surfaces

require 'rubygame'
require 'loading_manager.rb'
LoadingManager.load Rubygame::Surface, "image1.png"
LoadingManager.load Rubygame::Surface, "image2.png"
LoadingManager.load Rubygame::Surface, "image3.png"
# Will print something between 0.0 to 1.0 depending on how far the thread has gone
p LoadingManager.progress
# Wait for the loading to finish before exiting the application.



Next version will be 1.3.1 for Madness Script

Well for the next version I’m going to focus to refine and improve the standard library. No new features will be added but more focus will be placed to get a common structure which every language need. For instance I haven’t written any support for File IO.

Another thing I might change but I am not sure if I will. I might change so that all standard objects will be DynamicClasses attached to Kernel. So in order to create a new array for instance you write:

array = Kernel.Array.New()

This gives also access to work with static methods on the standard classes and allow you to inherit from them. If I do this change, then I probably won’t lock the classes. Allowing you to change the classes structure.

Here’s a list of what classes which is certain to be implemented

  1. File class
  2. Associative Array class
  3. Time class

I’m also going to implement some new methods for the already in place classes. For instance ScriptObject will receive the method destroy which will delete the object and replace it with a nil value instead.

I’ve decided to implement the change of the standard library where every one of them become dynamic classes instead.


Might make a Game Tutorial?

Yeah, just like the title says. I’m thinking about it. You know what they say, sharing is caring. Anyway if I do it, it will mostly be theory on what to think about and what you need to do. Since I belive in order to make a great application you need to understand how the machinery works. Sure I know some guys out there are those that just look at code and learn by that and still manages to make a fairly good game or application. But those kind of programmers will run into problem sooner or later and won’t understand why the compiler is complaining about that virtual function or why they get a sudden SEGMENTION FAULT when trying to access NULL.


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Lol kernel

I was just bored and had nothing to do. So I made a kernel that was kinda funny. Nothing advanced, Just a little surprise that is printed out on the display.

Though I won’t continue to work on this. Was just a fun thing to do.

Here’s a Zip with the source: kernel

Ow yeah an important thing to note. When booting you have to tell grub where the kernel is located on the floppy img(If you compiled it using make) you do so by writing this into the prompt:

grub>kernel 200+26

Grub counts by units and one unit is 512 bytes. So this tells grub that the kernel start at unit 200 and is 26 units big.

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