Me, holding a seminar at Skövde University College? Madness I say!

No I actually were lecturing at Skövde University College for their game development program. It’s kind of crazy, the students were mostly in my age range and I stood in front of them lecturing about games. Afterwards I had more of a casual discussion with the students and talked about the book I am writing as lead author for Packt Publishing. I wanted to know what they had problems with and what I could help them with. The book is called SFML Game Development but I covered a lot more topics than just SFML with the students. I also went around in the groups as they were working on their projects and helped them and gave them hints and tips on how to solve the specific problems they had.

I found it extremely enriching and fun to do. Although it was a bit cold for a southern Swede like me to venture that far north.

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